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FVDS is an interior design studio based in Mexico specialized in housing projects. Our main philosophy: create spaces with individuality, encouraging the client to reflect their taste and personality. Our goal is to design interiors that transcend time, leaving trends aside. We select architectural finishes, lighting, custom furniture, wood work, home objects, textiles and custom pieces.

Casa Romero
Casa Cantera
Casa Romero
Casa Cantera
Casa Romero
Casa Cantera

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“Mi experiencia con Fer superó mis expectativas, que ya eran altas. Logró captar el estilo que yo quería para mi departamento y me dio sugerencias que iban de acuerdo a mis necesidades. Es sumamente organizada y detallista, se asegura de dar toda la información necesaria al cliente, y se encarga de la recepción y acomodo de las cosas a su entrega. La recomiendo, y en el futuro espero volver a trabajar con ella.” 


''Fernanda was a pleasure to work with.  She has a great eye and chose pieces that were perfect for my minimalist taste.  As someone who struggles to visualize things, it was very helpful for me to select pictures of design styles that I liked and Fernanda then translated those style suggestions into beautiful décor choices.  She very quickly understood the “look” that I preferred.

Fernanda designed and managed a complete bedroom and bathroom renovation as well as redecorated our entire condo.  She was organized, patient, and kept things moving forward.  The entire project was managed by her and she made sure everything was perfectly placed before we arrived.

I would not hesitate to use her again.''


“Decidí trabajar con Fer por la experiencia que tiene y el buen trato, nunca había trabajado con una diseñadora de interiores.

Me agradó que es muy receptiva para tratar de entender lo que su cliente quiere pero reforzándolo con lo que cree que es mejor.
Fue muy buena experiencia desde la planeación, comunicación, todo el proceso. La calidad de los productos y quedé muy satisfecho con el resultado final.

Súper organizada, muy clara y transparente. Me agradó que se encargo de todo el proceso de selección, compra, control de calidad, traslado, instalación, etc.

Está al pendiente aún después de la entrega y con una muy buena disponibilidad para cualquier tema adicional que surja.

A todas las personas que han ido a la casa, incluída mi familia, les ha encantado lo bonita que quedó y lo agradable y confortable de todos los espacios.¨


I recently had the pleasure of working with Fernanda, and I am simply ecstatic about the results! From the very beginning, Fernanda displayed an unparalleled level of professionalism, creativity, and expertise that truly transformed my space into a breathtaking masterpiece.

First and foremost, Fernanda took the time to understand my vision and needs, ensuring that the final design would reflect my personality and style. Her ability to listen attentively and incorporate my ideas while adding her innovative touch was truly remarkable. The entire design process was a collaborative and enjoyable experience, and she continuously kept me informed every step of the way.

The attention to detail demonstrated by Fernanda is second to none. Every aspect of the project, from the selection of materials and furniture to the placement of decorative pieces, was meticulously thought out and executed flawlessly. Her keen eye for colors, textures, and patterns resulted in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment that has left my guests in awe.

One aspect that sets Fernanda apart is her dedication to functionality without compromising on style. The design not only looks stunning but also enhances the practicality of the space, making it not just visually appealing, but also incredibly functional for everyday living.

The project was completed within the agreed-upon timeframe and budget, a testament to Fernanda's organizational skills and commitment to customer satisfaction. Her ability to manage the project efficiently and effectively ensured a stress-free and smooth experience for me as a client.

The level of craftsmanship displayed in every detail of the design is truly extraordinary. From custom-made furniture to carefully curated art pieces, Fernanda brought a level of quality that exceeded my expectations. It's evident that she is not just passionate about design, but also deeply committed to delivering nothing short of perfection.

Additionally, Fernanda has an extensive network of suppliers and artisans, which allowed her to source unique and high-quality items for my project. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Fernanda to anyone in need of a truly exceptional interior designer.


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